The Popularity of Immigration Legal Assistant Jobs

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These days, immigration law is one the hottest topics being debated by Americans and citizens of countries around the world. That is why an immigration legal assistant job description is of interest to so many people who want to work in the field of law. This career path can be very exciting for someone who possesses the skills necessary for success.

Just like most other legal assistant, an immigration legal assistant is responsible for helping the lawyer with necessary research and organizing the information that they turn up. In cases of immigration, however, they have many specific tasks that assist their clients. For example, they may be asked to help clients get their green cards, file working papers and work out visa sponsorships so that they are granted permission to stay in the country.

immigration legal assistant job description
Immigration legal assistant has been in great demand lately due to the fact that the immigration law is the hottest subject.

Immigration law is a very specific field and an assistant must have an understanding of the ins and outs of the law. Formal training is certainly helpful, but those who do not have it should take the initiative and educate themselves on immigration law. Most employers will not want to choose a candidate whom they will have to train before they are able to get to work.

As with many other lines of work these days, a candidate who is multi-lingual will stand out from the crowd during the hiring process. People who are trying to emigrate from another country often will not speak English fluently enough to understand their lawyers. A multi-lingual assistant can help the lawyer communicate and make the overall experience far more comfortable for the client. They will have many responsibilities, but should never be asked to act in place of a lawyer in court.

Someone who goes down the path to becoming an immigration legal assistant may eventually begin to feel like an expert on immigration law. However, at no point in time should they be asked to give legal advice or present cases in court. These tasks may only be completed by a licensed attorney and are never the responsibility of a paralegal, regardless of their training.

An immigration legal assistant job description is similar in many ways to a job description for any type of legal assistant. However, there are many skills required for this type of job that are specific to immigration law. A candidate who speaks more than one language will certainly make an impact, as well as one who has taken the time to go through a specific legal assistant training program.

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